my week on events

1. Tudung and handbag

I'll always say yes if there is any opportunity for me to interact with people. As long as the job is to interactlah. I enjoy serving customers. Gives me pleasure. Especially when I managed to make them smile even if there's no sale. I did it for experience. I rarely asks for the payment. Well yes, it's not always that good. Somehow I believe that everything I do will eventually turn out fine. Each door will open up to another Insyaallah.

I don't mind breaking fast alone on the street. Well not exactly alone lah. There were other vendors, and hungry pedestrians and cars. Bazaar on the other side of the road. the best place for people watching. I get to watch so many kinds of people. I learned a thing or two just by observing their behavior. Too bad I didn't bring my notebook with me. and I really need to improve my sketching skills especially on living things. Non-living things not that good pon sebenarnya hahaha but not as bad as living things lah.

Retailing and street vendors are very different. We used to haggle on the streets but when you're the one selling, you really have to negotiate well to maintain that profit margin. It is hard to do. Not for the kind-hearted person lah. otherwise you'll lose your profit. No use selling lah like that.

Seeing your friend having a baby gives me that mixed feelings whether to get married or not.
hahaha. I know macam over sikit, but the reality of raising a family is not easy.
I've been thinking not to get married at all.
but then, no matter how strong you are, no matter how used you are to being alone,
loneliness will haunt you down.

I want to see my children grow up with the love that they need so they could grow up and become a person that could contribute to the public and creating a better world to live in.
hahahaha. tetiba.

2. Raya
I'm not sure about this raya. It doesn't feel like raya. Maybe a bit. I don't know. But there's something different than previous years. Beraya for the 1st two days only. Then back to kedai minum and cinema. hahaha.

3. Exam
yup I still have 4 more papers after raya. so wish me luck.

About the previous post, I'm not gonna continue writing on that matter. It makes me sad just by thinking that I was late for a semester. if only...

I was really angry with myself for not having the guts to...

however, that made me realized where I am now. Probably not my time yet.

not worthy enough for anyone. ( that I liked)

but that's okay. I still have my family and friends.

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